Xanthos, Kalkan, Antalya, Turkey.

Things to see - places to visit.  Xanthos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and was once a major Lycian city known for pride so fierce that twice it preferred to self-destruct rather than surrender to foe.

In 42 BC Xanthos found itself under attack from Brutus, two years after the murder of Julius Caesar  A great ditch was built around the city to keep the invaders out but Brutus managed to have it filled and a dramatic battle commenced and much of the towns folk fought to their deaths though it is believed some survived and lived as prisioners under Brutus.  Following Mark Anthony's victory over Brutus, he poured money into the rebuilding of Xanthos which later became the capital of Roman Lycia.

For more information check out the Lycian Turkey website.

The Xanthos river emerges into the sea at Patara beach.  You can take a guided two-man river canoe and row the Xanthos river, stopping off for a BBQ lunch, mud bath (optional!).  For details contact:

Website: www.southern-turkey.co.uk

Check out this very informative web site for more information: Turkish Archaeological News

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