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Ilios Travel

Ilios Travel is a part of the Visions Holiday Group, a UK company based in Bolney, West Sussex.  Jane Baxter Gerçeksöz,  Turkey Destination Manager is based on the Bodrum Peninsula  and in  this article she tells us a little bit about Ilios Travel.

Ilios Travel

Ilios  Travel has been operating a small programme in Turkey since way back in  1985. In those early days we were in Akyaka and were one of the first  operators in Turkey offering villa holidays.  I started with Ilios  Travel in 1989 and would travel down to Akyaka from my Bodrum Peninsula  home 3 days a week.  In 1991 we expanded the programme to include the  Bodrum Peninsula; that meant a lot less travel time for me!

In  2000 we added properties in Datça to the programme and in 2010 we  started to include one or two Kalkan villas, but with no permanent  representation in Kalkan our Bodrum properties proved more popular.  But  fate has its ways.  In 2014 an enterprising young business man from  Kalkan – Ridvan Zeybek of Kalkan Experience Property – contacted us and  suggested that we start to work together.  Ridvan or Rudi as he is known  to many Kalkan locals gave us the means to operate a larger programme  in Kalkan.

It was a surprise to us all when we heard the  Exclusive Escapes news back in August 2015 and Michael from our UK  office jumped on a plane to Dalaman met up with Ridvan and between them  they were able to contact property owners who had worked with Exclusive  Escapes.  So we now have added some of Kalkan’s finest properties to our  programme and along with the properties we also have Ridvan!  I  personally have worked in the tourism sector in Turkey for nearly 30  years and a more motivated and able young man would be hard to find. We  are delighted to work with him.

The Kalkan faithful
Of  course looking at the world/Turkey situation at present we enter this  season with a little concern; however Kalkan does have a following and I  suspect, tends to hold its own.  When I think back to previous years, I  recall 1991 – Gulf War year – we all expected a terrible season – in  fact we had a drop of just 6% on the previous year.  The tourists may be  put off but the travellers still come and it is that type of client  that we hope to appeal to.

Ilios Travel is a strange name for a  company selling Turkey you may comment! In those very early days Ilios  Travel’s first programme was to the Greek Islands, we then expanded into  Turkey and Italy.  Later on as the original owners of Ilios Travel  retired and we became a part of the Visions Group we added a few more  countries to the fold.  Out of our beautiful Bolney offices (an old  restored mansion house with a Capability Brown garden) we run: Visions  of Africa, Islands of Greece, Ilios Travel comprising Ilios Italy and  Ilios Turkey and IAG Sports.

Ilios Travel

Most  of our super team in the UK have squeezed in quick visits to Kalkan  over the past few months ….they are all in love with Kalkan.  It’s  natural that the UK team love it but I’m a “Bodrumite” and have plenty  to compare it with and guess what….I too adore Kalkan!

It is  geographically stunning, I love the choice of restaurants and the  different menu options available and very importantly the season is  long.  I was there in October and it was just as nice – possibly nicer –  than high season; the weather was of course glorious, there was still a  buzz, all the restaurants and bars were open and busy.  In fact I think  I would choose early and late in the season to visit Kalkan.

It’s  with great excitement and a little nervousness that we enter the 2016  season – in the face of everything let’s make it a good one for Kalkan.

Have a look at our stunning properties in Kalkan and in Islamlar as well as those on the Bodrum and Datca Peninsulas at

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