Kalkan Etkinlik (Activity) Group, Kalkan, Antalya, Turkey.

PaintballingThe following is a a KTLN news article published on 23rd February 2014.

A local group has been busy getting out and about over recent months.

The  Kalkan Etkinlik (Activities) Group was formed by local Turkish people,  but is open to anyone.  You can find them on Facebook: Kalkan Etkinlik

On  Sunday 9th February they had a fun day in Fethiye paintballing.  It was  all very civilised to start with; they met in Kalkan for breakfast,  before making their way into battle. 

Özge ErgilKalkan Etkinlik member, Özge Ergil, (left), takes up the story.

The  paintballing site is near Hiaronu.  A landmark to look out for is the  Sahra Su Hotel, where a road to the right of the hotel takes you to the  paintballing field, which is on your right.

The site is run by Melek, who welcomes you with a smile.  She is helped by her two sons. 

In  the "barracks" you are briefed on the rules of the game, and you  collect your kit, which includes the all important protective equipment,  to minimise any possibility of injury.

At 13.00 the siren signals  the start of the first of four periods, and two teams, wearing  different coloured tops take their positions.

It's exciting, fun and exhausting!  By the time we finish it's about 15.30, and everyone is hungry.  Time for a BBQ!



For those who want to try it, you may like to know that the group is going back on Sunday 2nd March.  If you are interested, look them up on Facebook, or if you don't use it, contact KTLN and we can put you in touch.

Prices  are 20TL for 50 rounds of paint "ammunition".  Every additional 50  rounds are 10TL, but if you buy larger amounts there is discount.

Incidentally,  this group does lots of other things too, including walking, cinema  trips, visiting local places of interest and other social gatherings.


Our thanks to Özge Ergil for contributing to this report.


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