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Kaş 4 Kids/Busy BeesThis KTLN news article was published on 18th May 2016: We  mentioned previously that there were plans to open a new shop in Kalkan  where funds will be raised to go towards local children in need.  We  are delighted to tell you that the day is fast approaching when this new  shop will be open for business.

Kaş 4 Kids/Busy Bees is a  properly registered and constituted children’s charity that has been  operating successfully in Kaş for several years.  They have a track  record of helping a number of families and have made a significant  difference to the prospects of so many children.

The idea now is  to replicate that success in Kalkan and surrounding villages.  And to  that end a brand new shop is to be opened where you can go along and  give your support.

Where is the shop?
The shop unit is in the bus station complex but at the back rather than at the front where the buses are.

If  you are approaching from Kalkan town, come up the hill as if you were  heading towards the bus station, but turn right before the bus station  (opposite Bim supermarket).  This takes you to the back of the bus  station complex.  The shop (unit 3F) is sign posted and is set back  slightly from some of the other shops.  Please see map below.
Kaş 4 Kids/Busy Bees

When will it open?
The shop will be open for the first time at 11.00 on Wednesday 25th May 2016. 

Opening hours in season are as follows.

11.00 to 16.00
 Tuesday Closed
 Wednesday 11.00 to 16.00
 Thursday 10.30 to 16.30
 Friday 11.00 to 16.00
 Saturday Closed
 Sunday Closed

Opening hours out of season are as follows.

11.00 to 15.00
 Tuesday Closed
 Wednesday 11.00 to 15.00
 Thursday  Closed
 Friday 11.00 to 15.00
 Saturday Closed
 Sunday Closed

What will the shop sell?
Think  of it like any other charity shop you have visited.  All money you give  will go directly to the charity.  Nobody gets paid - the shop  assistants are all volunteers.

The new shop will follow the same  model as the Kaş 4 Kids shop in Kaş.  It works well so there is no point  in reinventing the wheel.

It will mostly have second hand items  that have been donated locally.  There may also be some new items and  some hand made gifts.  You can expect to find plenty of clothing and  accessories and some household items.

How can I support them?
You can call in to the shop and make a donation in exchange for goods on display.

Even if you don’t see something you fancy, you can simply make a donation. 

You  can donate your own unwanted items so that they can display them in the  shop and raise funds.  Clean, good quality items would be appreciated,  but even if there are minor faults (such as a broken zip or missing  buttons) things can be accepted and repaired.

You can volunteer to help in the shop.  A rota is being established to cover the shop opening hours.

How can I contact the Kalkan shop?

If  you want to know more or have any questions please feel free to call in  when the shop is open.  Otherwise you can reach them through this  link.  Contact Kaş 4 Kids in Kalkan

The Kaş 4 Kids/Busy Bees organisation also has a Facebook page.  Take a look: Kaş 4 Kids/Busy Bees on Facebook

Why is the Kalkan shop called Kaş 4 Kids and not Kalkan 4 Kids?

There  are a few reasons.  Firstly Kaş 4 Kids is a play on words - Kaş is  pronounced “Cash” - hence it’s a great name for an organisation that is  raising money for children.

Until 2014 Kaş was simply a town.   Following local government changes in 2014 Kaş also became a district of  55,000 people and that district encompasses Kalkan.  So technically  Kalkan is a part of the district of Kaş and it follows that the charity  Kaş 4 Kids can work for the benefit of the whole district.

Whilst  it would be possible in theory to establish a brand new charity in  Kalkan this would be a time consuming and bureaucratic process.  It was  felt that the simplest way forward would be to operate under the  umbrella of the existing charity, with a separate shop based in Kalkan.  

And here is the important point: funds raised here in Kalkan will be used for the benefit of children in and around Kalkan.

Kaş 4 Kids/Busy Bees

How Kaş 4 Kids is already helping children?

We wish Kaş 4 Kids every success in their new Kalkan location.  Hayırlı olsun.


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